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Basic Facts About Microsoft Excel

If you happen to live in the current years, you should know that Microsoft Excel is one important part of the computer age. Fortunately, this article will let you in on some of the basic facts about Microsoft Excel that you ought to know.

So, what is Microsoft Excel?
Microsoft Excel allows you to edit, use, and store data that you have entered on a group of table structures that are placed together in what they call a workbook. When it comes to worksheets, they can be found in numbers in workbooks that will then serve to contain a number of cells that are made up of different rows and columns. When you use this application, you will be able to compute accurately the numbers and data that you have entered no matter the complexity of the formula that you are using. Aside from inserting data and numbers, you can also put other objects such as graphs and charts into your workbooks that can help you graphically represent what you are trying to point out.

Who is the person responsible for creating Microsoft Excel?
Microsoft Excel came to existence with the great minds behind Microsoft Corporation in the exact year of 1984. This spreadsheet application came to exist as Microsoft decided to cater to most computer users who are not familiar with DOS commands that can help them compute for certain numbers at ease. It is quite amazing to know that Apple computers were the reason why the Microsoft Excel application came into existence in the first place. It was only in the year 1987 that Microsoft Windows decided to come up with Microsoft Excel to serve as their very few starting applications. Till the year of 1992, it was found that Microsoft Excel was the only running spreadsheet application that Windows made sure to make use of.

What are the various versions that you can choose from for Microsoft Excel?
Since there are different computer operating systems, Microsoft Excel made sure to make different versions of Microsoft Excel across users. Since 1987, for example, Microsoft Windows has come up with 11 different versions of Microsoft Excel. Meanwhile, Apple Macintosh has made use of 12 versions of Microsoft Excel starting the year of 1985 until now. Lastly, the OS/2 system from the year 1989 to the year 1991 has 3 versions of Microsoft Excel.

What features should you expect to find from Microsoft Excel?
What you need to know about Microsoft Excel is the fact that they boast of a great range of features that any Microsoft Excel user will surely make the most of. Microsoft Excel boasts of having filtering, sorting, manipulating, and displaying data in more ways than one.

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