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Trust a Pro for That Perfect Photo Finish

Pictures have the unique ability to freeze a moment in time. Our most memorable moments and accomplishments, from graduation day to your wedding day, are made more memorable by the photographs that we encapsulated that momentous occasion. That is the spirit behind the old cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words. Different types of photographs cast events in different lights, both literally and figuratively speaking, and it is key to pick the right type of photos for the occasion. After all, flipping through a photo album is a bit like reading a story, and by manipulating lighting, hues, and tints, a photographer can craft a story that is as unique and beautiful as the people whose story the photos will tell.

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography has a vintage fine art quality about it. There are options to choose from within black and white photography, but the main variable is the contrast in black and white. Most commonly, especially in old pictures that were taken before color pictures were an option, there isn’t much contrast between black and white. These pictures of lesser contrast exude a nostalgic feel, and they are perfect for when you want that artistic feel, but would like the pictures to maintain a warm and familiar feel.

According to this site, black and white photos with a stark contrast are better for when the purpose of the photos being taken is art itself. Such photos allow the photographer more creative control in terms of taking advantage of angles, lighting, and shadows. Every artist loves creative control, and stark contrasts in black and white puts the person behind the camera in their wheel house, and allows for more abstract picture taking. These photos may not be as warm and fuzzy as those with little contrast, but they are perfect for showcasing beauty, and these pics tend to be more engaging and thought provoking. To view examples of how lighting and angles work together to bring pictures to life, navigate to this web-site.

Strike a Pose

It is in us as people, being the social creatures that we are, to want to look our best when we are stepping out for a huge event. Whether its prom night, a masquerade ball, or even Easter Sunday, these are all events where colors take on a life of their own. When you’re looking your fashionable best, take advantage of the moment and go with a style of photography that accentuates the vibrancy of the occasion. Depending on the event, you could go with glamour shots before a background that reflects the spirit of the event, however, candids add an element of spontaneity that will delightfully surprise even those in attendance at the event.

Pictures equal memories. So, what is it about a picture that makes it worth a thousand words? They say things that words cannot, and allow us to relive moments and events in a unique way that is exclusive to photography. And, according to Forbes, fine art is becoming more popular within photography. Flipping through a photo album is like searching through a time capsule.