Three Reasons To Use A Microsoft Certified Partner When Switching To Cloud Based Technology

One of the most expensive line items of any company budget is IT expenses, as it requires proper maintenance of server equipment and regular updates to ensure a network is safe from potential cyber threats. One of the ways to combat the cost of managing an IT department is to move from an onsite server system to a cloud based network. Many companies offer services that are designed to help businesses make the switch, but it is important to choose a Microsoft Partner organization to conduct the needed work.

Enhanced Security

New cyber threats arise nearly every day, and one of the best ways to ensure a network is free from hackers and other digital dangers is to use a system that is comprised of multiple levels of security. A cloud based server prevents issues by isolating infections quickly and preventing them from spreading from a staff person’s CPU station to the remote servers. This can reduce the chances of downtime and prevent a company from experiencing a complete data breach.

Increased Competitiveness

New advancements in technology have led to dynamic software packages that are designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of a company’s staffing pool. Most packages are not cost effective for smaller organizations, as the fees associated with software deployment can be astronomical. Cloud based servers help lessen this expense and allow a company to remain competitive through the use of innovative technology.

Network Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of using a cloud based server system is the scalability and flexibility that a company will gain. Rather than having to spend thousands of dollars on new equipment as a business grows, a cloud based server can be customized with a few clicks of a button and increase the capabilities of an organization in just a few minutes, and without breaking the bank.

More and more companies are moving away from in-house servers and making the switch to cloud based computing to save money and increase the security and dependability of their IT network. The team at VALiNTRY can help any size company make the transition and offer the safety that comes with working with a Microsoft Certified Partner. Be sure to contact them today to learn more and take the first step in making any network more secure and reliable.