The Top Career Paths For Certified Injection Molding Operators

With more and more individuals seeking higher education, fewer people are seeking out trade certifications, which is creating a labor shortage in many different industries. Individuals who are looking for a trade certificate should consider becoming a certified injection molding operator. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be nearly 20 percent more job openings and as much as 30 percent fewer individuals to fill the positions. Here is a quick look at the various employment options available for certified injection molding technicians.

Manufacturing Industry

The majority of all products produced require the use of plastic parts that are created using injection molding, from the manufacturing of toys to the components used to construct a vehicle. It addition to providing job security, it also allows the individual to work in a self-directed setting and create parts that can later be used to produce items for end consumer use. An individual can easily find a career in the manufacturing industry after being trained on how to operate injection molding equipment correctly.

Quality Assurance

In addition to running the machine, many manufacturing companies also need qualified individuals to conduct quality control checks to ensure that the items being produced meet the proper requirements. Individuals who have trained in running injection molding equipment will be able to determine when a machine is not operating correctly or efficiently and make the necessary adjustments to correct any production mishaps.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Another sector that relies on the use of injection molding is the pharmaceutical industry. An injection molding operator will be responsible for creating the capsules that are used during the creation of medication, which will later be filled with the intended components that produce the medicine. This requires precision and the ability to work in a sterile environment.

Anyone looking to make a career change should consider becoming certified in injection molding. Paulson Training Programs are designed to provide anyone with the knowledge they need to operate injection molding equipment successfully and can help prepare a person for a variety of jobs. Be sure to contact the Paulson Plastics Academy to learn more and take the first step toward a life-changing career change.