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Crowd Funded Games

Chris Roberts, the creator of Freelancer and Wing Commander, is proud of his new and upcoming crowd funded space exploration game Star Citizen. The main target of this upcoming title is to give its gamers unparalleled dynamic sci-fi universe experience. The game is not going to be like any space exploration and combat sim. It is also expected to be bigger than a first person shooter or an MMO game. The main catch is unlimited gameplay, but there is more.

Star Citizen is being viewed as the combat genre comeback for PC gaming. The followers of this game expect a bigger, vastly detailed and highly customizable gamer experience and features. Star Citizen boasts of a completely rigid space ship simulation and handling. Here are the new developments for the game.

The good thing is that Robert Space Industries regularly shares update regarding the development of Star Citizen. If you are an avid fan of this game, you will be pleased with the news.

As a rule, the developer states that, regardless of how expensive parts may be if it’s not right for the job, then it is not right at all. It was further stated that the pilot of the most sophisticated ship can be outsmarted by a highly skilled pilot flying a smaller craft. So this games is designed to allow you to add ship upgrades based on your personal objectives and not all-around choices.

Moving on, once you play this game you get the ability to live your space adventure the way you intend it to be. Star Citizen will put you in the center of a dynamic universe with friends, foes and the mysterious beings.

You will experience the freedom to plot your path around the universe. And while exploring the universe, you can be a mercenary, a merchant or any person you like. Simply put, you will be the master of your own universe in Star Citizen.

The modification of your ship in this game will be in your full discretion. This is the promise made by the developer for the game’s avid followers. By full taking full control over modification, the gamer will have the ability to rearrange space requirements, durability, software, signature, heat load, mass, power consumption and what not.

In summary, your choices are important in Star Citizen. Moreover you get to customize other things as well, and not just your ship. You can even plot your career path in this game. Star Citizen is a fully dynamic and interactive game that will react to your decisions. Last but never the least, the gameplay in this title is based on real Physics. The borders of your imagination will be stretched n this game. Go to this page to read more about this upcoming game from Chris Roberts.