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How Colorado Is Welcoming Marijuana Merchants

In January of 2014, Colorado legalized marijuana, through Amendment 64. This historical amendment didn’t come without its restrictions, though. In order to sell marijuana in the state of Colorado, business owners have to abide by all of the rules and regulations that followed the passage of this amendment. Just because you CAN sell marijuana in the state doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have to follow a lot of rules to do so.

This is no different than the liquor licenses that business owners must possess in order to sell liquor in a location. You don’t just get to sell it wherever you want, however you want. There are rules you must follow. There are many helpful organizations out there that can help Colorado business owners understand Amendment 64 and the restrictions that are placed on business owners who want to sell.

One thing is for certain: Anyone who wants to sell marijuana in Colorado isn’t going to have a shortage of customers. This is a relatively new market that has plenty of room for business owners to grow with. As mentioned before, the restrictions are often the first thing that deter potential sellers to shy away. Thanks to market overviews by some of the world’s best companies, you can now get compliance assurance and much more with a simple program.

Just like there are companies out there who specialize in helping people get liquor licenses, there are companies in Colorado who exist solely for the purpose of helping potential marijuana businesses get off the ground. They fully check for compliance, help medicinal marijuana sellers with their patient labels, and do pretty much everything from “seed-to-sale.”

What this means for Colorado is that the marijuana business will continue to grow. This has been documented over the three-year period since marijuana was legalized in the state. In 2017, sales jumped over $1 billion dollars for the first time in history. This is a promising trend for business owners who have been thinking about opening a marijuana retail location. As always, there will be those who shy away from the prospect, but for those brave business pioneers willing to take a shot on the market, there is a lot of promise in the future of this industry.

There was a time when obtaining a liquor license in some areas was also intimidating and it’s sure to continue this way for marijuana retailers for some time in the future. But for now, the field is wide open to those pioneers who want to be the first to get in on what is sure to be a consistently billion-dollar market in the years to come. It has taken awhile for the state to adjust to the legalization and to craft the rules that help citizens feel okay and safe with the decision. As of now, medicinal marijuana dispensaries are helping many people in Colorado cope with the pain they live with on a daily basis, and they’re doing so legally and safely