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What Are The Most Notable Benefits of Using WordPress?

WordPress is killing it and the fact that almost 30% of websites on the internet are created using the platform is a testament of how dominant it is. It has certain unique advantages that makes it superior in different ways compared to other CMS or content management systems. So, if you’re planning to build online presence for your brand one of these days, you definitely should integrate WordPress in your campaign, and here are the best reasons:

1 – It is Free to Use

Even if you ask a handful of internet marketers you know, they’ll tell you the same thing; that WordPress is the most ideal starting point for building a website for the first time. The obvious reason for this is because WordPress is literally for free. Of course, you always can go premium and pay some extra in doing so, but for the moment, the platform gives you more than enough of what you need, including the ability to connect with other bloggers, post content, and more.

2 – It’s the Most Flexible Out There

Another undeniable benefit of WordPress is the fact that it is by far the most versatile of all CMS platforms. It’s why all business industries, niches, or brand uses it, even public and private organizations. The fact is even well-established internet marketing firms like Jezweb value its importance, knowing how quick it is to produce visually appealing websites which are also user-friendly and intuitive. Through this platform, you can create whatever type of website you want, including a blog, business-oriented showcase site, or even an online store.

3 – It’s Very Easy to Work With

Another remarkable thing about WordPress is that even if you don’t have any background or experience in web design or at least in creating a website, you still can easily learn it. The primary reason for the walk-in-the-park website creation via WordPress is its streamlined platform that offers a step-by-step guide for completing the process of creating a website for the first time. So long as you know how to read, then all you have to do is read every instruction given by WordPress and you’re good to go.

4 – Responsive

Now if your website you plan on building is intended to market your brand or business online, it only means you need it to rank high in the search engine results pages. For you to be successful at that, you need your site to be mobile-friendly or responsive. The reason for this is because many consumers today who choose to shop online prefer using their mobile devices instead of a traditional laptop or PC, which only means your website has to be created in such a way that it appears normal and legible in a smaller mobile device screen. Thankfully, WordPress has so many different mobile-friendly themes that will guarantee your website will be viewed in majority if not all mobile platforms without issues.

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