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Different Types Of MIDI Keyboard If you like to be presented with varieties of digital or electric keyboards, then it will be a good idea to look for MIDI keyboards. Not like before to which special keyboards can only do MIDI, these days almost every modern electric keyboards are MIDI compatible. You can’t just miss them out because they’re the ones with MIDI In and Out slots in the back. As a matter of fact, there are 2 basic kinds of electronic keyboards and these are the piano and controller types. Number 1. Controller types – in this kind of keyboard, it is typically what many would associate as MIDI keyboard. While this has keys, you will not hear any sound even when you press them. In an effort to convert MIDI impulses to sounds, you need to have a computer running DAW or Digital Audio Workstation software.
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And since they do not have speakers, controllers are often cheaper and smaller compared to their regular piano counterparts. The truth is, this makes them versatile and portable and apart from that, they can fit in almost any type of space you can think of.
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Number 2. Piano or personal keyboard type – in this type of keyboard, this comes with a built-in sound system. In other words, when you start pressing the keys, sound immediately comes out not like a controller keyboard. You do not need to connect them to a computer to hear anything. The benefit of using this system is that, you are able to set it up almost anywhere and do not have to worry on having a computer and software required. The downfall for such however is that, it is normally big as a result of the built-in internal sound system. So if you have a small space, you might find it hard to set it up. MIDI keyboards also come in wide range of number keys such as 25, 37, 49, 61, 76 and 88. The higher the numbers are typically piano type keyboards while the lower ones tend to be controllers. If you do not play the piano, then smaller number of keys will not be of any issue to you. On the other hand, you may want to consider getting the 88 or at the least, the 76 so by that you will get wider option to play if you like to get that piano feel. The action of keys will help also in determining that, speaking of getting that piano feel. As for the full weighted keys, these are offering resistance as well as spring back of pianos. Synth action does not have resistance or whatsoever while the keys are springing back quickly. Hope that this article has given you enough knowledge with regards to MIDI keyboards.