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Charitable Missions Grow to Love Technology

New technologies have given us a lot more flexibility in how we are able to conduct business in our lives. People can instantly communicate with anyone in the world. Businesses now work together on an international level. And new industries have sprung up as a result. Entire university courses have grown up around the Internet revolution, and each year they document the world’s latest new technologies, as developed by scholars, business leaders, and even novice innovators working from home on app technologies.

Churches and charities have benefited from new application technologies in that they are now able to accept tithing payment by mobile device. With these mobile technologies, everything is all about convenience (see post). Going mobile for charities is a big event these days and expands their horizons. It doesn’t just expand horizons for the charities but for the people who love to give to them as well. Giving has never been easier than it is today.

Charities who are interested in going mobile will find that it’s incredibly easy to do. Not only do these apps give people an easy platform to donate at will, from the convenience of wherever they are, but they give charities an easy way to track the behavior of donors to find out more about their givers.

You can track virtually anything through one of these applications, to the timing of donations, to how much donors give after a certain campaign, to performance of certain managers who oversee these accounts and donation efforts. Data-driven campaigns often have a better performance than other campaigns because as we all know, information is success in the information era. The more information charities have about their donors, the more successful they can be over time. It all comes from their willingness and ability to tweak campaigns as needed.

With church tithing apps, though, you’ve got a different motivation for giving. Some of these apps will use their data more for having a history of which donors have given the most or might have a small reward system to remind those who give to the church that they are doing so for the right reasons and that the money is going into the right hands (the hands of people who need it). Churches also like to use their charitable funds as a direct way to give back to the people who support what is known as the house of God. If you donate to a church, nine times out of ten you’re going to get some kind of reward for it if you spend any amount of time in that church. You might get a dinner or you might get free handouts from the church if you need help, too, but a tithe is supposed to go to something worthwhile within the church or community, and you can generally see it in action at some point.

Apps are a good way for the church to keep their tithers aware of the things that their tithing goes to over the course of the year.