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Design Elements of Cool Websites and Apps What are the significant details of cool websites and apps? How do the top dogs design unreal websites and web apps? Websites and apps that are second to none set their sights on the needs of their customers, include the appropriate design elements, and ensure suitability for all kinds of devices whether it is a tiny screen smart watch or a large screen TV. A new age has begun in the field of web design and development which is more definitive, original and crisp. By checking a number of present-day website or web app, one can effortlessly recognize a host of design elements that are also carried by every other website. This article will take a look at the prevailing design details that redefine the coolness of a website or app. Of course, not every design element is pertinent to every website and one has to figure out what to include and what to leave out depending on the needs of the project. Addition of ghost button
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While it was rarely seen three years ago, the ghost button can now be discerned all over the web as a fundamental design element. The latest website is not that cool if it does not have ghost buttons that actively prod call to action.
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Use of special typography The use of a standard font, size and color for every website and web app is no longer being followed. Inventive and distinctively styled typography is the latest thing. The web’s look has improved by leaps and bounds including the fonts used. Typography is no longer taken for granted in web design planning and is highlighted as an important aspect. Handling of ribbons The use of ribbons in websites is not a new thing but they are now extensively and creatively used unlike before. The ribbons are used to hook the attention of the reader and to emphasize the important text on the webpage. To announce the deal of the month, a ribbon is positioned at the bottom right corner or at the top right corner. Usage of background patterns Putting texture and subtle designs in the background was frowned upon the last five years or so but it is making a comeback. A lot of modern-day websites that are visually appealing employ background patterns to differentiate themselves from the rest. Mobilization of bold colors Gone are the dull grays and navy blues that are staples of old websites. The web has turned fearless, lustrous and alive. The release of operating systems that use bold colors unleashed the resplendent side of web design elements. There is an insistence among websites and web apps to use vivid and bold colors as primary color themes. The web is getting a makeover after so many years of stagnation and the cooler look is here to stay.