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The Shortcomings of Not Recruiting Via Retained Executive Search

Retained executive search is the right hiring tool for you, specifically if you’re practicing in the life science industry and you want to hire superior-quality talent that possesses the required industry skills. When you want to hire a senior-level executive in your company, you’ll save plenty of time, effort, and money with retained search.

Hiring Mistakes

It’s very critical that a company avoids making any mistakes during the recruitment of top-level executives, although it’s difficult to guarantee that with traditional recruitment procedures. The risks are clearly very high, and the outcome may be adverse.
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Nonetheless, the hiring process may avoid so many pitfalls when you take advantage of retained search. Unlike the case with conventional hiring methodologies, including internal hiring departments and contingent hiring agencies, retained search is supported by thorough research, large talent databases, and methodical vetting of candidates.
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The Problem With Reach

If not deploying retained search, the issue of coverage will trouble you. The reason for this is that only retained search is known to be able to cover a wider pool of prospective workers. Besides possessing a consistently growing network of contacts, the firms also boast access to a large section of the workforce not actively involved in job searches–a pool that’s commonly defined as passive. When you’re trying to fill a position via traditional methods, you’re most likely going to end up with people that are either jobless or seeking to switch jobs–primarily, only people that that approach you. The happy thing about retained executive search is that it enables your search to cover more ground among the working class, making sure you enlist the most qualified employee, as opposed to only the most suitable among applying candidates.


A company may be seeking a very specific talent in a highly focused field. For instance, identifying a top-level staff in a rare therapeutic specialty may consume plenty of energy and time. Oftentimes, it’s hard to pull that off without the expertise and resources that retained search agencies provide.

An in-house human resources department may hire a few employees once in a while, but honestly, the staff there is not always hiring for a living, and neither is it constantly researching and gathering experience in the labor market every single passing day. Yet, hiring is the full-time job of the guys working for retained search firms. That’s the team you’d trust with the search for some of the most difficult-to-find gifted employees on earth.

There are inexhaustible benefits for allowing a retained executive search agency to help hire a top-level company executive. It’s guaranteed that the company will help you secure the best employee for the vacancy.